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Stained House

About me, I'm an IT Consultant by day, and have built websites for friends and family to help them with their businesses. I use a service that is easy for you to update and maintain going forward. In building and maintaining websites, I've worked with Wix, Weebly, WordPress, and Shopify. In my free time, I manage and govern the website of the charity Lovingkindness Vietnam, which brings aid to orphanages, charity schools, and poor communities.


About this idea, it's all about the labor. The cost to have a company design and launch a website is a few thousand dollars at a minimum. For a website, full online presence, and web strategy it can be exorbitant. Almost all of that is labor. The majority of my home projects are fairly small, which would cost about the same amount to have each one done by a professional. Again, much of those costs are labor.


Let's eliminate the labor costs through a good 'ol fashioned barter!

I can lay out the full website build and online presence I would give you. In turn, you can look over the projects at my house, and tell me which ones you would do in exchange for my work. I would pay for all materials on the home project, and you would pay the online-related fees, such as website hosting. It's win-win. I can check off items on my home to-do-list, and you get an online presence that will reach more customers and see your business soar.


Let me help your business step into a new era of success!

Select Services

We'll talk about the kind of online presence you would like to have, and I can present some ideas that will make your business more competitive. First would be a website build, and I'll include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help you show up on web searches. There are a number of free resources that I can set up to cast a wider net, and we can go over the subscription services that you could opt in to, if you wanted.

Agree on Home Projects

You can look over all of the projects on my to-do-list, and identify the ones that your team can do. Once you've picked out the projects that you would like to barter, we can put it in an agreement if you like.

Finish Up

We will work on our respective projects at the same time. I'll work with you as I'm building out your website, making sure you are happy with the finished product. On the day you finish the bartered home projects, your website and complete online presence will launch!

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