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My house was built in 1912. It's in great shape and is in no way a fixer upper. There are many things left to do to make it a dream home, however. You can mix and match the many projects below. Schedule a visit to the house, and you can identify the projects that you would like to include in the barter. I will pay for all materials used in the projects. The idea is that we would be trading labor for our work at the going rates.

  1. Replace wall tiles in 2nd floor bathroom *

  2. Install floating laminate tile flooring in 2nd floor bathroom *

  3. Install fan in 2nd floor bathroom (includes wiring to switch) *

  4. Install new toilet and sink in 2nd floor bathroom *

  5. Replace shower pan in 1st floor bathroom

  6. Install new wall tiles for shower in 1st floor bathroom

  7. Replace sink in basement bathroom *

  1. Ground existing outlets

  2. Create new outdoor outlets

  3. Create new outlet in kitchen

  4. Create new outlet in office

  5. Create new outlets in 3 rooms on 2nd floor

  6. Replace knob and tube wiring on 2nd floor

  7. Replace knob and tube wiring in 1st floor entry and ceiling light

  1. Replace a window on 1st floor *

  2. Seal back door to eliminate gaps *

  3. Frame a new door for basement bathroom *

  4. Replace front storm door

  5. Remove 10 storm windows, clean windows, reattach and seal storm windows

  1. Build a retaining wall in back corner of house *

  2. Build a tiered retaining wall on south hill *

  3. Clear south hill of weeds and debris *

  4. Build garden boxes on south hill *

  5. Build a low retaining wall next to lower garden

  6. Build a deck on top of garage

  7. Build a deck in back of house

Cabinet Maker Sketch
  1. Finish kitchen pantry *

  2. Build changing room for clothing alterations shop

  3. Remove 3 disused in-wall heaters and patch holes *

  4. Redesign large dining room shelves

  5. Build shelves and cabinets in 2nd floor bathroom

  6. Create small shelf to replace disused in-wall heater

  1. Install irrigation and watering systems in yard

  2. Lay down bark dust in some sections of yard

  3. Landscape entrance walkway

  4. Add flagstones to east curbside *

  5. Add flagstones to west curbside *

  6. Add water elements

  7. Create steps to lower yard

  1. Repaint exterior trim of house *

  2. Repaint front porch and pillars *

  3. Pressure wash all exterior siding, trim, porch, and walks *

  4. Paint 1 bedroom on 2nd floor

  5. Paint main rooms of 1st floor

  6. Paint a mural around front of garage exterior

  1. Install new vinyl flooring in 1st floor bedroom

  2. Refinish wood flooring in 2 rooms and hall on 1st floor

  3. Refinish wood flooring in 2 bedrooms and hall on 2nd floor

  1. Install hood vent over stove (includes wiring to switch)

  2. Install new countertops

  3. Install new sink with garbage disposal

  1. ROOFING - Clean roof of debris and apply anti-moss to roof

  2. FENCING - New fencing along property

  3. HVAC - Install a split HVAC system for the 2nd floor

  4. HVAC - Replace outdated duct work for the 1st floor

  5. REPAIR - Patch some small holes in walls

  6. APPLIANCES - Fix ice cube maker in refrigerator


While the majority of my bartering projects are all about home improvement, I'm open to other ideas. Here are some possibilities:

  • Do you do auto repair or run a used car dealership? We may be able to trade for a used car.

  • Do you own a furniture store with a dining room table or some recliners? We could barter for some furniture you've got on clearance.

  • Do you run a fitness or yoga studio in southeast Portland? We could trade for a membership or series of lessons.

  • Do you have a farm where you grow plants, trees, or bushes? We could trade for some of your products planted in my yard.


Let me know what you have to barter, and we can talk more about the details.

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